Esther Olowoloba
1 min readJan 15, 2022

By the time you read this, I am probably already facing the exams that will determine whether my careers will proceed positively or not.

Why I am having mixed feelings or why I feel everything is still very funny. Lol.

Still no valid reason to writing this piece but one thing I know is that I am very confused about my current actions.

Personally, making mistakes are my greatest fears and sweetest lessons which is why I always enjoy my ribena after I finish sulking about one.

Am I writing gibberish now? Seems so.

Bottom line is I am scared. What if my decisions carry me to a dead end? Jesus Christ. I want to just faint. Hmm..

Too many thoughts clouding my mind……..

But surprisingly, I am very relaxed too. I pick up my books to read, watch comedy and still have my personal meditation in check. This feeling is something I cannot explain.

My innermost being says ‘Be at peace and live Esther’.

Definitely what I am doing now. The ultimate.

Unofficially my first blog post of the year because something huge seems to be on the way.

Anyways, you have read my inner thoughts. I wish to express them through my blog anyways although I am scared I may get judged for this but whatever…

(whispers: follow my blog to see the reality of me, my career life and a pinch of my personal life)

With love,




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