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4 min readDec 29, 2021


Writing this with so much emotion because I do not know where to start from. 2021? An unpredictable and pleasant year. My year of genuine growth.

I must say that I started this year with no reasonable plan. Although I prayed about the year but still unsure of a lot of things. So we can say the year started on rocky grounds.

Highlighting this year in a specific way. Each month with its wins and losses.

Let’s go!

January: What did I know I was doing? Nothing. Received terrible news in December 2020 about having to repeat a year in nursing school and crazy news(which is personal) so I could not concentrate properly. I hated everything and became very distant to everyone. Irrespective, I had to read because exams were fast approaching.

February: The Valentino month. Definitely still living on vibes, fake smiles and twitter bants until a friend of mine reached out to help build his company as his assistant. A side hustle and it helped distract myself from problems and the perfect coping mechanism. Alongside, I wrote school exams and did well to an extent. Then changes started happening.

March: The discovery: Kept working with my friend and started getting paid. Understood the concepts of investment heavily although I had always been a chronic saver thanks to Cowrywise. Creating content for that company made me realize that I was a good writer but I never really thought of using it as a career. It was just a tool used to express my thoughts.

April: Family month- Started thinking about intentionality and really tried to be in this month. Reconnected with my nuclear and extended family (Grandma Adebayo, Grandma Adeniran, Uncle Taiwo, Uncle Kenny, Aunt Moyin, Aunt Omolade, Aunt Kofo , Uncle Lanre, Aunt Bunmi, Uncle Seun… the list is long) I am grateful for them. Hardly say this but they believe in me so much and it makes me thrive.

May: Growth at its first bloom- Started writing but in secret because self-doubt was in full force but kept doing it on the side. Curiosity for technology came in and jumped on the Cowrywise Ambassadorship program with no absolute idea what I was doing.

April-July: Continuous growth in my newly found career and nursing school. Nursing school showed me pepper sha.. I was always crying and lamenting to myself. Also did some industrial training in some hospitals. Experience at its peak as I finally decided to take content writing seriously(Thanks to Uncle Lanre for knocking my head. Lol..)

August-First Acceptance: Officially became a Cowrywise campus ambassador and Team lead in Adeleke University. My network started growing. Made new friends and was excited about it.

September- Second Acceptance: Became an intern at Cowrywise with my job description as ‘content writer’ and celebrated my birthday. The absolute best. Have a blog post on this particular experience(coming right up, stay tuned). Network grew tremendously and yes, I got a new laptop.

October: I moved back to school and kept building until I got another project which I am excited about which will be announced in 2022(A secret!). Read books and enrolled for some online courses.

November: Moved for a training at a mental health hospital and clearly understood the basic concepts of mental health. Made my decision to expand myself and try technical writing( Cynthia and Ebube, thank you for pushing me!) as a career and got into Alt School which I am currently preparing for my entry exam.

December: Continuous reading, bonding with family and rest.

Mentally, I was on a zig zag road with really no direction but it started aligning when I started talking to myself about sulking and crying.

Financially, It was a good one. Path was in direction and I knew what I was doing.

Socially, It was not really the best and I wish to be more available for my friends and family. Want to improve drastically.

Spiritually, A wavy road and God stayed with me all through.

Emotionally, I chop numerous breakfasts. Was not even a good one.

The year all round was a funny one. I just look at my beginning and laugh.Special shout out to a few friends that made me smile: Babi, Desola, Synergy girls, Tiwa, Sisters group, Tolu Fadun, Taslim, Oriade, Yeni etc. The list is longgggg. I love you all so much. Thank you for making me smile in 2021.

Regardless of everything, 2021 was my year of self discovery. Can confidently say I know what I want to do now.

Onto 2022,

I have so many plans which I prefer to still work on as a person and be very disciplined with it.

It is definitely my year of immense growth.

2022 will be an adventurous year!! Can feel it!!

See you soon!

With Love,




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