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4 min readDec 31, 2022
A picture of me sitting and looking beautiful.

On this final day of the year, I want to thank myself for persevering and not giving up.

I reflect on the year while I sit in my chair as i eat my suya.

Memories will always be with me; some bad habits have been eliminated, tears and smiles have been gained, but most importantly, I can see my development.

This year will go down in history. I would frequently narrate the story of 2022. I never imagined that so much would occur. A year had passed, during which 3-5 years had passed.

I’m happiest that I could keep a journal for an entire year.

Embrace the journey with me.

Q1 (January, February, and March): The Career Jump

I went into the year anticipating it and excited about it. I achieved all of my specific Q1 targets. I passed my examinations with flying colors, traveled and made new friends, networked effectively, had my first speaking engagement at a virtual tech event and developed my writing abilities. I also became an AWS-certified cloud practitioner (read about my experience here). and it gave me a personal brand that I love.

Q2(April, May, June): The Emotional wave

It got off to a good start because Q1 generated so much excitement. I set objectives for each quarter, but unforeseen events like falling in and out of love happened. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to observe so much that I had previously dismissed as unimportant. My personal and professional lives were in order, but since examinations were coming up, I needed to unwind.

Q3 (July, August, and September): Complicated Times

I was still reeling from last month, but because of how I dealt with my feelings, I tried not to grieve because I had pre-professional examinations. Well, after failing, I moved on to retake the examinations and succeeded. I tried to make up for my tech career in between these trying times, but it was impossible. I was pleasantly surprised to be chosen to work for AmbassadorLabs as a community advocate.

I also decided to completely prepare for Q4, celebrate my birthday with my family, and travel home (I’m very glad I took that spontaneous vacation).

Q4 (October, November, and December): Unexpected times

In Q4, I was solely focused on becoming a registered nurse. Despite my careful preparation over the months, my major professionals were nearby. I didn’t give a damn about anything; all I wanted was to pass. So, I renounced everything.

On December 4th, after a year of stress and no sleep, I received my exam results, which revealed that I had failed my professional exams. It was ironic because after getting the news, I had exams the following day. It was a difficult moment. Although I am past the trauma, I believe that failure causes a great deal of pain. It cannot be explained.

On Wins

1. AWS Certified cloud practitioner gotten

2. Spoke at my very first virtual tech event

3. Contributed to the organization of Women Techmakers Lagos 2022 event.

4. Community advocate at Ambassadorlabs

5. Built a writing portfolio for me

6. Recognition and personal branding

7. Helped people get writing gigs and jobs

8. Help mentor a few persons on technical writing

9. I didn’t slack much in my finances, although I had more opportunities. A win is a win😂

10. My experiences made me closer to God. I am grateful for this.

On Losses

1. Lost opportunities due to priority

2. Failed in school

3. Chop breakfast (😂)

4. Lost friends

5. I lost myself this year.

A year’s worth of lessons

1. Accept you for who you are: it took me a while to understand this phrase

2. Be grateful for everything.

3. Be cautious and safe. Unfortunately, the world is not always friendly, and you must always protect yourself.

4. The day you stop believing in yourself is the day you have failed.

5. Never give in to silly advice. Listen to yourself and stand firm on what you want.

6. Lastly, the sky is the limit.


I thank my parents and family publicly because they have never left my side. They were so many downtimes, and they held me so well. I love you all deeply! ❤️

Yo! I have amazing friends! For someone like me who loves to be alone, I had people willing to be there for me in so many ways! I love you all so much!

Special thanks to my tech mentors, and the tech writing community I joined, and to name a few, I adore you all!!!

Anticipating 2023

If I am being honest, I do not have a lot of plans for the new year. All I have are my petitions to God. It might not be God’s plan when you have aplan, which is completely fine.

Meanwhile, my message to whoever is reading is: I hope you realise that you are amazing, and I hope the new year is good and easy for you. Also, I pray for healthy skin this new year! 😂

P.S.: I made a playlist dedicated to my whole experience in 2022. You can listen here.

Love and light,




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